Do it yourself Solar Energy

For the DOIY person Solar Energy is not rocket science. Programs are available for a person to learn all that is needed to design and install a system on a house, garage, or barn. The internet is filled with instruction guides and resources to add a new skill set. However there are a number of important notes to consider before purchasing panels and components.
First local zoning commissions may have requirements prohibiting home owners from installing grid tied solar energy systems. These requirement may include the need for a NABCEP certified installer. All grid tied systems require at least an electrician to hook up the system to the electric grid.
Second, Homeowners associations may have regulations that prohibit the use of some racking solutions like pole or ground mounted systems.
Third, county and city engineers may require upgraded roof structures to accommodate the added weight of the system particularly in areas of heavy snow loads.
Further, grants and local incentives are most always available to participating design and installation contractors who carry certifications required for eligibility.
These are only some of the potential issues that can challenge a DOIY system install.
However, there are a number of solutions available to help the DOIY homeowner. Consider carefully your plan to design and install solar on your home prior to purchasing panels and components.

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  1. Great post, very informative. Keep up the good work, Thanks.

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